Saturday, February 03, 2007

off-peak hours

Since becoming a mom I've had to make numerous adjustments to my schedule. One of the biggest involves my working hours. No longer can I hang out at my desk all day or bop out to a networking event in the afternoon on a whim. I've become what I thought I never could: a night owl.

Thta's right, aside from an hour or two in the morning that I somtimes manage to sneak in before my husband leaves for the day, the majority of my work is done between 9 pm and midnight. I've actually adjusted pretty well, but one problem I've encountered concerns taking phone calls from clients. Most folks aren't in the office that late. And trying to have a phone conversation with a 10-month old clamoring around the office just isn't productive. I love email, but I realize not everyone wants to communicate that way--at least not all the time.

So I'm asking for your do you hand the demands of working in a home office while balancing your relationships with clients and your kids?