Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the ultimate blog challenge

You'd think that--as a writer, and one who focuses on promoting businesses and organizations to boot--I'd be a blogging ninja. My own blog would offer updated content throughout the week and it would all be stuff you'd want to share with your friends, associates, and clients. Wouldn't that be smart?

I can do all that, and I have done all that--for my clients. But like many business owners, I tend to let promoting my own business slide a bit. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • I've got three projects due the same day and I'm working (bleary-eyed, on little sleep) to deliver to my clients on time (or better yet, a bit ahead of time!). 
  • The kids have a crazy amount of activities this particular week and since my laptop battery is on the fritz (not to mention the gymnastics place doesn't have wi-fi) I can't bring it with me (no outlets in the waiting room...what's up with that?) hence no work.
  • I'm in Hawaii on vacation and don't WANT to work. (Yeah, right!)

I realize these are all excuses. They may be justifiable (to an extent) but when it comes down to it, ALL they are is excuses. And that's lame.

So I'm upping the ante. I just signed up for The Ultimate Blog Challenge. It starts in October and is hosted by this notable duo: Michele Scism and Michelle Schaeffer. 

I've followed Michelle Schaeffer's blog for a while now, and she's always got thought-provoking ideas and awesome tips for business owners. M. Scism is new to me, but I like her tips in the free guide I received when I signed up for the Challenge, so I'm sure I'll be following her, too.

Want to invigorate your blog, too? Sign up for the challenge as well and we'll go at this together. Let me know how you're doing and I'll let you know how things are on my end. After all, we're supposed to post every day in October, so there'll be lots of opportunities for updates.

Let's do this thing!