Monday, April 22, 2013

when 1 + 1 = 1

I may be revealing a bit of my word nerd tendencies here, but this article is pretty funny. Since it's gorgeous out and my 3 year-old entertains herself much better outdoors than inside, I'm catching up on blog reading (see previous post) while enjoying the fresh air. My neighbors probably think I'm kooky for laughing to myself, but anyone with a bit of interest in word funnies will enjoy this piece as well.

To pique your interest, let me give a brief overview:

Do you write "a miss" or "amiss?"

Would you choose "a float" or "afloat?"

Is it "intact" or "in tact?"

If you're even remotely curious about the correct way to write these words, check out "Two Words or One? Words You Might Be Misusing." 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

blogs for writing/writers

Question(s) of the day: How many blogs do you have bookmarked? And from that list, how many do you read regularly?

My toolbar features about 20 of my favorite blogs, and I wish I had time to read through the posts daily. I often play catch-up when I find a minute or two of extra time on my hands, but I wish I could manage to check in more.

Since it's already difficult to keep up--there's just so much great stuff out there!--it takes a really, really interesting blog to entice me to add it to the toolbar these days. But recently I found one:'s Writing & Editing blog. If you are a writer, a self-proclaimed grammarian, or a professional who writes for your company, be sure to check it out!