Tuesday, September 06, 2005

back in the game again

After a week or so of rest I'm ready to return--full force--to the writing world. And a few projects have already reared their heads: quarterly newsletter issue, a possible web content project, and a bi-monthly column for Dynamic Graphics magazine (DGM).

I've been a contributor to DGM for about 3 years. The mag has recently overhauled its website, and I noticed a few of my past pieces are now available online. Check out these articles from the ever-popular Makeovers Issue:

Vitamin Cottage

Music @ Noon

And of course, I'm jumping back into the networking game (not that I ever really left it...). BNI & the Chamber of Commerce will help with that, as will a new organization I've helped found, the Home Based Business Professionals Association. I'm anticipating a very exciting, busy fall!

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