Monday, January 23, 2006

pondering freebies

Everyone likes to get things for free. And free stuff is available everywhere. I know I've lost track of how many pens, travel mugs, and coffee cups I've collected from local businesses during the past year.

I also like to offer free items to my clients, but do they really need another keychain? Even though I do have those available (they're coupled with a pen and measuring tape portion...very handy) I realize not everyone needs more stuff cluttering up their desk. So I've devised two useful pieces information that I'll be handing out to new and prospective clients this year. Basically, anyone who contacts me to set up a free initial consultation to discuss their writing needs will receive a report called 10 Tips for Polishing Your Prose.

And for those folks who secure my services, I want them to trust me, and to realize that I'm not out to clean out their budgeting account. Thus, I've created a tip sheet called How to Save Money When Working With a Copywriter.

I'm hoping that this information will be something clients can actually use...and at the same time I hope it makes them feel more at ease as they begin to work with a new vendor. Maybe they've never partnered with a copywriter before and are a bit nervous. I don't want my clients to feel nervous...I want them to trust me. And to secure their trust I work hard to provide proof that I am indeed an experienced, dependable writer. I'm there to do a job for them, and my goal is 100% percent satisfaction and beyond.

Here's a question for you business-wise folks: what types of additional value do you offer to your clients?

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