Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lemme hear you say, "Waaaah!"

All word-type-people utter this from time to time, usually when staring at a blank page as writer's block takes hold of our minds. Those of us who work from home with small children, however, often experience it another way:

Child: "Waaah!"
Parent: "Shush, it's time for your nap."
Child: "Waah! No nap! No nap!"
Parent: (pleading) "C'mon, Sweetie...just lay your head down and rest. Mama/Daddy's got work to do."
Child" "Waaah! Don't care! Not tired!"
Parent: (along with child) "Waaaaaah!"

This post inspired by my here and now...I've got a list of projects to tackle and my two-year-old is calling from her crib. Sigh. (Or even better, "Waaah!")

So, how do you work-from-home types handle getting stuff done with kids in the mix?

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