Tuesday, February 07, 2012

are you twitterpated?

Remember Thumper from the classic Disney film, Bambi? He probably deserves a big fat royalty check, because this wascally wabbit (oops, wrong show) long ago coined a type of term that's getting lot of play these days: "Hmmph. Twitterpated!"

One of the amusing things about my journey into Twitter is this lingo associated with the social media mogul. I don't mean necessary abbreviations--RT, @twitterperson, etc.--but variations on the Twitter name.

Some terms are cutesy and some are clever. All loosely honor Elmer Fudd, whose speech impediment is now echoed not just by 2 and 3-year-olds, but by much of the adult world. For example:

Tweep - Twitter friends (Twitter + peep)
Twoob - Twitter newbie
Tweed - Twitter feed
Tweek - Twitter geek
Twendy - trendy Twitter post
Twerd - Twitter nerd
Twaddle - Twitter posts nobody wants to read

Seriously, though, my Twitter adventure has been a positive experience. In the morning I check in, bookmark articles of interest shared by my Tweeps, and check them out when time allows. What I've found so far is that Twitter is a wonderful place to find quality resources: blog posts, articles, etc. I'm mostly following writers, bloggers, productivity experts, networking gurus, and marketing folks, but my list will expand as time goes on, I'm sure. (Remember, I'm a Twoob.)

That's my Twitter wrap-up (Twap-up?) so far. How about you...who do you follow on Twitter? How does Twitter benefit your business/organization? Have you made quality connections? What kind of information do you share with your Tweeps?

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