Thursday, March 08, 2012

got clients? get paid!

Working as a freelancer has many, many benefits. While I put on my "grown-up" clothes for meetings, working from a home office and out of the public eye allows for certain comforts: pajama wear, late-day showers,  and comfy slippers (in winter) or flip-flops (during warmer months).

One thing freelancers don't relish, however, is when clients pay late. Late payments mean scrambling to make sure bills are covered: rent or mortgages, car payments, utilities, health insurance, etc. In nearly 15 years of freelancing, I've dealt with all types of clients: those who pay promptly (love them!), some who pay on their own time frame (don't love this, but can I deal by planning ahead once I realize that's how they roll ), and a few who seem to think paying for services is optional (note: always use a signed contract or work agreement).

Since I spent part of this morning creating invoices for some recent projects, this article from the Freelance Switch blog is timely. Freelancers will appreciate the advice, and folks who work with freelancers may gain a better understanding of how the "other side" works.

Get Paid: What to Do When the Check is Late

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