Tuesday, December 28, 2004

marketing in 2005

As 2004 wraps up, we're all busy planning for the new year. This includes outlining our marketing plans for 2005. (I'm actually taking a break from this very task to type this entry.)

I just received my weekly ezine from Debbie Weil, president and publisher of Wordbiz.com. Her latest article discusses online marketing techniques (read it) and how email and ezines are still going strong. Blogs are excellent means of communication, too---and they're definitely complimented by email and ezines/newsletters, not overshadowed, despite what some folks seem to think. Together, this trio of online marketing tactics can do wonders for your business, including keeping your name in front of your contacts, helping spread your knowledge and in turn boost your credibility, etc.

I'm preparing to send out the first issue of WriteTips (my ezine) for 2005 later this week. If you haven't signed up yet, you can do so now! It's free, and you'll score all sorts of tips to help improve your writing. If you want to see what WriteTips is all about before signing up, you can view archives from 2004 here.

By the way, my newly redesigned website is just about ready. I hope to have it go live by Jan. 1.

Happy new year!

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