Thursday, May 05, 2005

writing tip

Here's a tip for anyone who has to write on-the-job (or for school or pleasure for that matter):

Before submitting any type of important document--article, press release, etc--for publication or review, try putting it down for a while. I recommend leaving it be for a couple of hours at least, and if you can distance yourself for an entire day that's even better. You'll come back with a fresh set of eyes and a fresh perspective. You may catch simple things--duplicated words, spelling or punctuation errors--or more involved items--unclear sentences or poor organization--that weren't apparent after staring at your work for an hour or more.

This tip was inspired by a project I'm working on currently. Just spent a couple of hours on a revision and before submitting it to my client I'd like to step away for a bit and review once more later this afternoon. This way, I'll be able to provide a solid piece of work devoid of possible embarrassing errors and/or clarity issues.

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