Sunday, October 02, 2011

business x 2

How many entrepreneurs do you know who run more than one business? The more entrepreneurs/solo-preneurs I meet, the more I notice folks really taking charge of their own careers. This sometimes means adding a second "job" just to make ends meet, but more often it means having two careers because they have a passion in different areas. Sometimes the two paths are related; sometimes they're not.

I'm one of those folks. I've actually been playing music longer than I've been writing professionally. For a while I worked full-time at a music store and played lots of gigs. Then I left my job, went back to grad school and supplemented my meager assistantship with my gig income. After graduating, I launched my freelance writing career while continuing to play music as often as possible. Then I had my first daughter and the music had to be scaled back a bit. And then the economy tanked, plus I had another child, and gigs became almost non-existent. It was sad in a way, but since I was busy with other walks of life, I didn't miss the music aspect that much.

But then I played a gig this summer. And I reunited with some very good music friends. We had a blast playing our gig at the Uptown Normal Farmer's Market. And I decided I wanted to do this again. My husband convinced me I needed my own website and since he's a smart one--and a successful musician/composer as well--I took his advice.

Enter Cassie Hart & Friends: The Official Website. It's a long time coming, but now it's live and I'd love for you to check it out!

I realize this post doesn't have much to do with copywriting. But it's got a lot to do with my life. If you are reading this because you're a friend, you'll probably be happy to hear I've taken this step. If you're reading because you are considering hiring a writer and you happened to stumble on my blog, thanks for your consideration! I hope this post provides another look at me and the areas I'm passionate about.

I'm looking forward to embarking on not only new, interesting and challenging writing projects, but to jumping back into making music again. Here's to you, readers, and to whatever stirs YOUR passion!

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