Monday, January 16, 2012

apostrophes, again

I'm not just a word nerd--I'm also a bit of a grammar cop. Which explains why, after several years, I physically altered a decoration that makes our front door its home during the winter months--I just couldn't stand it anymore. The piece is a cheerful snowman, and it was a gift from, I believe, a family member. On the body, in personalized in bright red letters, it reads: "The Hart's."

Woah. That's just wrong. Unless the snowman is implying that it belongs to us, as in "The Hart's snowman"--and I don't think it is--this little apostrophe just made a big boo boo. Which is why I recently took a piece of white electrical tape (same color as the snowman's body), cut it to size, and placed it over that intrusive mark.

There. Much better. Now the greeting correctly reads: "The Harts."

And I've just admitted to the world how silly I am. Or not. What do you think?

(For more info on apostrophe/possessive use, check out Grammar Girl's article here.)

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