Thursday, January 19, 2012

work smarter, not harder

That's my mantra for 2o12. When I reviewed my workload for 2011, I was at first thrilled to see the number of projects I had completed. Then I compared this list to my earnings. Hmmm, I thought. Not bad. But how can I be even MORE productive?

There are tons of opportunities to increase your productivity. Quit hitting the snooze button and get out of bed. Turn off Facebook (tough one, I know) while working on your computer. And if you blog, find a way to keep the time you spend on your posts to a minimum--preferably without reducing quality.

This is something I decided to work on for this year, so I was happy to see one of the folks I'm following on Twitter, Michelle Shaeffer (@MichelleShaeffr) blog about this very thing. She's got some great tips on her article Six Secret Strategies for 15 Minute Blog Posts. Check it out.

Here's to a productive, successful 2012!

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