Tuesday, May 08, 2012

the office

It's time to get personal.

I've decided to share with you, dear followers, a look at my workspace. I'm doing this for no other reason than to attempt to humanize myself. After all, the Internets is a wide, wide world. And sometimes it's nice to put a face--or a desk?--with a name. So behold, my home office!

I should probably post a pic of my desk away from home (or rather one of the many tables) at The Coffeehouse and Deli, where I often camp out to work in peace or to meet clients. Maybe next time I'm there I'll snap a picture and post it. Until then, though, here's where I spend most of my working time.

And like every writer, I've got a muse: Wonder Woman (and her sidekick, the Little Jazz Man). Recently I had to tape her left leg to the top of my all-purpose-stuff-holder as she kept toppling off. Now she's fairly stable, and ready to whip out her magic lasso at any given moment.

I've showed you mine--now show me yours! What's your workspace like?

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