Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Newsletters for president

I did my civic duty by casting my political vote this morning. Hope you did, too.

Now I'd like to put in my vote for newsletters. At the end of each month, it seems all my newsletter duties begin to surface once again. I currently serve as editor of 2.5 newsletters (the .5 is a volunteer position for one organization I'm involved with, and I'm set to resign after the final issue). Since they all come due around the same time, my schedule gets pretty frantic.

As editor, it's my job to assign, follow up, write, edit, and assemble content. The hardest part is following up--when you're in charge of contributors, it's no easy task to make sure they submit their information to you in time to put together the piece and ship it off to the printer. Especially if they are contributing out of the goodness of their hearts (i.e., for no pay).

But all bottlenecks aside, I really enjoy the process. It's just a lot of work. But totally worth it.

Does your business or organization have a newsletter? If not, why? Newsletters provide an excellent way to communicate with customers or employees. You can motivate, inspire, inform, and entertain with a well-planned, well-written newsletter. Give me a holler if you'd like to learn more about the benefits of publishing one of your own.

Here are a few of the newsletters I currently produce:

Illinois Heartland Chapter STC: Heartline (quarterly)
Central Illinois Jazz Society: Jazzscope (monthly)
Cassie Hart Copywriting & Editorial Services: WriteTips (monthly)

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