Wednesday, April 27, 2005

website updates

In case you missed the April (late) issue of WriteTips, now you can check it out in the WriteTips Archives. The feature article offers ideas for creating content for your ezine, including:

1. Editor's notes
2. News updates
3. How-to articles
4. Tips
5. Interviews

I should add that the publication schedule will be changing slightly. WriteTips will continue to be published each month, but I'm no longer promising the first of every month as the delivery date. As a one-person operation, sometimes my ezine duties fall by the wayside as I work to meet deadlines for clients. Rest assured, however, that I will still provide issues on a monthly basis, and I'll still try to publish by the 1st of the month, but there may be times when I can't complete an issue until a bit later.

Other website updates include the What's New section. I'll also be addition a sales letter segment to my portfolio page very soon...I'm just waiting on permissions from clients to include their logos.

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