Thursday, June 30, 2005

the catch-up blog

I've allotted myself a half hour this morning to casually play around on the Internet. This normally includes checking my personal email account, getting my strip fix of For Better or For Worse, and reading up on my favorite blogs. This last item reminded me that I haven't posted here this week, so here goes. Thought I'd provide an update on current projects:

1. I've got a speech looming over my head...on July 12 I'll be speaking at the Association for Women in Communications. I'm still working on my presentation outline, but I'll essentially be addressing ways to make your marketing and promotional copy more effective.

2. In July I'll be working on a major editing project and will probably begin the 6th or so. I won't know how extensive the work will be until I get into it, but chances are I'll be shying away from other time-consuming projects until August. Smaller jobs, however, will be welcome!

3. Writing/revising brochure content for another client.

Other news: I got the good word yesterday that my article on jazz trumpeter Nicholas Payton will be published in the next issue of Windplayer magazine. I actually conducted the interview and wrote the piece last fall, so I'm certainly ready to see it in print!

Have a safe & happy 4th of July!

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