Monday, February 07, 2005

new website updates

I've just spent some much-needed time updating my website. You'll find

- 2 new testimonials
- updated What's New section
- January 2005 WriteTips issue archived

Also, the February issue of WriteTips was sent to subscribers' inboxes this morning. Apologies for being a few days late--I was a bit behind due to working overtime on the DGM article, but I'm just about caught up now. If you haven't signed up to receive monthly issues of WriteTips, I encourage you to get on board now!

I also just completed an article for Business to Business (B2B) magazine, a local publication for Bloomington-Normal businesses. It'll appear in my bi-monthly column and is, at this point, titled The Power of Punctuation. This is admittedly not the most interesting topic to write about, but
I did try to address certain issues that I see time and time again in text in brochures, flyers, web content, etc. So as bored as some folks may be who read this, others will, I hope, be able to use the information to improve their own writing.

More as it happens. Have a great week!

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