Tuesday, March 15, 2005

pleased to meet you...

As educational coordinator in my BNI group, I try to offer meaningful advice about networking, marketing, etc. each week. As I searched for a bit of inspiration online last night, I came across several sites that offered handshake analyses.

Perfect! I thought. Everyone shakes hands. Haven't you ever received the "limp fish" handshake? Or the "power-crushing grip" shake?

As I snickered at the thought of all the silly handshakes produced by people who should know better, I began to wonder, hey now, wait a minute...what kind of handshake do I have?

I couldn't answer this question. How do you analyze your own handshake? So I decided to check out a few more descriptions, present my findings to my BNI group, and ask everyone to shake their neighbor's hand after introducing themselves prior to their infomercials. While this exercise was meant to benefit everyone, I was secretly dying to know what category I fell into.

Turns out I'm sort of an over-the-top shaker. My right hand travels slightly above my shaking partner's and stops when our hands meet. I'm neither a crusher nor a limp fish. I guess I've got a combination shake, then. Not sure if that's good or bad...perhaps I'll practice at the Chamber of Commerce After Hours event tomorrow night.

For more descriptions about handshakes, check out these links:


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